Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

11Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsThe bright-red color of this wallet’s interior brings out the gloss of ebony calfskin. A piece of leather is simply folded like origami and is given a minimum level of sewing. The Japanese stylistic beauty can be observed even in the finest details. Silver Studio wanling uses the tiny little natural elements around us as motifs for creating jewelry. This artwork is in the motif of shijimi, a freshwater clam, which used to live in the Sumida River.Leather Folding Wallets [Ninomiya Gorow Shoten Co., Ltd.]SHIJIMI– Freshwater Clam Motif Jewelry[Gin Kobo wanling]6362Mr. Masaaki Yamada is a third-generation artisan who practices kiriko (Japanese traditional cut glass), creating traditional designs with a fresh sensibility. These three motifs have been used for celebrations since ancient times. This glass ink slab is made from a single piece of flat glass. Its so-called oka, or hill (where the ink-cake can be ground), is made with a sandblasting technique, and smoothly leads down to the umi, or ocean (a place to hold ink). Sake Cups for Celebratory Drinks – Pine, Bamboo, and Plum –[Harisho Yamada Glass]Glass Ink Slabs[Ozaki Seikyo Co., Ltd.(Mirrordoc Ozaki)]6564These scissors are the result of a collaboration between an artisan manufacturing scissors for medical purposes and a designer. For this scissors series, all redundancies have been eliminated from the tools’ design. Puritas Scissors (MUKU) Series[Ishihiro Seisakusho]66Its ultimately simple design, rendered in fair-faced concrete, lets you park your bicycle in style. This bicycle stand had been displayed at a well-known specialty store in Paris. ●Tenkei Bicycle Stands[Shibata Concrete Co., Ltd.]67With a large opening and a wooden knob, “kaico” is part of a kitchenware series designed to be useful and sophisticated. They achieved this innovative and detail-obsessed Kettle designed by a creative designer pursuing functionalities and shapes since they are metalwork company who is professionals to produce metal molds.Clean, machine-washable slippers. You can take them anywhere you go, as they are also light and foldable. Provided by an old meriyasu knitting mill as their first own-branded item. Their soft touch and cute reversible designs bring in repeated customers. kaico[Shoei Kogyo Co., Ltd.]merippa[Nakahashi Meriyasu Co., Ltd.]6968Kome-tsunagi design is a Japanese traditional pattern that portrays pin stripes consistingof arranged rice grains. Edo styles, drawn by artists such as Santo Kyoden and Hokusai, are modernized in IKIJI brand. They were displayed at an exhibition in Florence, Italy. With professional skills and a sense of humor draw the world's attention.70IKIJI – ”Kome-tsunagi” Pattern Knitted Jackets / Shirts – [Jacket: Teruta Design Lab Co., Ltd. /Shirt: Seiko Corporation]

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