Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

12Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsThe sensitive color gradation takes your breath away. Its gentle self-opening lid amazes you. State of the art plastic molding technique, double in-mold technology, enables its color and texture. It adds the beauty of color to your business as well as a unique, stylish impression.The solidity and depth of Hokusai’s famous drawings such as “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is expressed by three-dimensional notepad and sophisticated printing technique. Prints are the origin of all the presswork. A printing company located in Hokusai’s birthplace produces this stationary with a great respect for the world-known artist.Ornament Card Case[Yoshida Technoworks Co., Ltd.]Stationary Series of Katsushika Hokusai [Yoshida Printing Inc.]7271Sumida City is Japan’s top pigskin producer. As well as their productivity, their leather is known for its outstanding quality. Their “Washable Leather” is a great example. Its sophistication is enhanced by being washable with regular laundry detergent, which won’t affect its silky, natural color and touch. This freshly pressed camellia oil has repeat customers all over Japan. Camellia oil is a natural moisturizer full of oleic acid, which has similar acidity to human skin. People have used the oil not only for their hair but also for their skin since old times. Most camellia oil on the market is processed with high heat, but they stick to their skin friendly “freshly pressing method”. High functional cookware, which can be used in three different ways: drop-lid for cooking, lid for microwaving, and jar opener. The product was actually inspired by a clever name, “Buta no Otoshi-buta (piglet drop-lid)”. The pig blowing out steam from its nostrils in the pot. No matter how you use it, you will find yourself smiling.Washable Leather Series[Tigre Co., Ltd.]“Kurobara” Camellia Oil Series [Kurobara Honpo Co., Ltd.]Piggy Steamers[marna inc.]737679Emergency whistles for letting others know where you are in the event of disasters. A company producing precision processing parts used the best of their techniques, and created Japan’s smallest whistles. The secret to their popularity is that they are made of brass. These whistles are inspected one by one to check its sound under the pride of "Made-in-Sumida".This disinfectant liquid used in hotels and nursing homes with strict sanitation management standards was commercialized for household use. Its main component is PHMB, which powerfully eliminates viruses and germs. This component neither smells nor discolors, and is a harmless component even found in storage liquid for contact lenses.You can make small plastic designs with this playdough after warming it with hot water. It becomes bouncy like a superball when you shape it into balls. It was originally introduced in 1988 as a kids’ toy, but today even adults are engrossed in hand-making accessories and figures. This product has been featured in several media outlets. A big hit item that revolutionized the rice scoop - essential for Japanese cooking. This “Standing Rice Scoop” was designed self-standing to save room, then given a firm grip and ultra-thin scoop to avoid mashing rice. Proving there is world-wide interest in Japanese cuisine, this item has won multiple international prizes such as Germany’s iF design award.Emergency Whistles[Sumida Fastener Industrial Co., Ltd.]Odorless Disinfectant Spray Used by “Omotenashi” Professionals [Risoken Co., Ltd.]Oyumaru[Hinodewashi Co., Ltd.]Standing Rice Scoops[marna inc.]75787477

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