Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

14Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsAge (Fried) rice crackers of three flavors: salt, soy sauce, and Japanese curry. The great work “36 Views of Mt. Fuji”, by the Edo artist Katsushika Hokusai who was born in Sumida, used in its package. It is very popular as a souvenir for overseas with a hand towel or small bag which Hokusai’s works are printed.Prime-quality rice with excellent gloss, aroma and sweetness. The shop selects only the finest rice, considering the weather conditions in production years. Rice professionals blend the best rice each year, and polish it to fully bring out its flavor. Right after World War II, TokyoCider was a symbol of revitalization of the then damaged Tokyo. Now, it is fully revived with the original glass bottle, label and all-sugar & strong-carbonation formula. Along with the Original version, TOKYO SKYTREE® version is available as a tribute to the new symbol of Tokyo.Hokusai-Age Rice Crackers[Azuma Arare Honpo Co., Ltd.]Sumidaya Rice[Sumidaya Shoten Co., Ltd.]Tokyo Cider[Marugen Inryo Industry Co., Ltd.]878685The maker minimizes the use of additives, and uses natural salt and seasonings to bring out the splendid taste of the choicest meat. The products won a number of awards in Germany, the home of ham and sausages.These arare crackers come in 15 Western flavors, such as basil and pepperoncino, while a stick-shaped package contains crackers of various flavors. Some women’s magazines introduce these products as going well with both coffee and wine.The senbei crackers and dango dumplings are made from 1st-class rice. They are handmade from allergy-free ingredients. Senbei and dango are safe and tasty snacks and old favorites in Japan.*Available only on Saturdays.These sugared vegetables are traditional sweets that have been made since the Edo period. Ginger, daikon radish, carrots and other veggies cooked for several days are preserved in sugar. The method used retains the shapes and colors of the vegetables and they go well with sake. This sushi roll is 12 cm in diameter. Since “tsuchi ga tsuku” (to be smeared with soil) means a loss in sumo, root vegetables from soil (burdock roots, carrots, etc.) are not used. The main ingredient is chicken katsu (cutlet) that means to win in Japanese. The 15 fillings are chosen from items auspicious to sumo.Kuwahara’s Hams and Sausages[Kuwahara Ham Co., Ltd.]Arare Café Rice Crackers[Azuma Arare Honpo Co., Ltd.]Sumida 1st-class Rice Crackers and Dumpling[Sakamoto Senbei Co., Ltd.]Edo Candied Vagetables[Umebachiya Co., Ltd.]Sumida Chanko Roll[SANYEI Co., Ltd.]8184838280

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