Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

16Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsCreated by a passion for the best tofu, using the soy and method they believe the best. “Koitozairai” called rare phantom soybeans are used for the main ingredient. By skipping the process of soaking soy in water, they maximize tofu’s sweetness and flavor. In accordance with the specifications of specialty coffee, newly cropped (freshly-harvested) coffee beans are exclusively used. The carefully roasted beans are packed in an adorable package.Confectionary shop Aoyagi was approved as Aoyagi “seike” by Duke Sanetaka Ichijo, who was very fond of their sweets. This transparent yokan with a full of chestnuts. The yokan and chestnuts are cooked to an equal softness, so they cut easily. They actively try new confectionaries while cherishing their inherited taste and value.New, yet somehow nostalgic. Spicy, yet slightly mild. Miyagawa Seika has focused on handmade candies ever since their establishment. Their nikki candies, made by skilled candy artisan, offer you three enjoyable spice levels: MILD, MEDIUM and STRONG. Zaru-Tofu[Mitsuyoshi Tofu Kobo Ltd.]Smile Series Premium Sucré Blend [Café Sucré]Chestnut-yokan[Aoyagi Seike Inc.] “Wakani Tsukudani” in Miso flavor[ Ebiya Sohonpo Co., Ltd. ] “Nikki” Candies[Miyagawa Seika]981011009997Tsukudani is a traditional Japanese dish flavored with soy source. Because of the growing interest in miso and fermented food culture globally, the owner challenged a new development of tsukudani flavored with miso which no one expects ever. The owner found saltwater and freshwater clams match best with miso flavor after many trials. Customers’ requests to take the café’s side salad dressing home led to several creators who are repeated customers of the café gathering and developing this product including its package, promotion and sales network: Sweet and sour dressing with honey and red wine vinegar flavor. It also goes with meat or pasta dishes.They roast their coffee beans with carefully adjusted temperature and humidity, after examining the beans’ character. “Shige’s Blend” has a slight sweet taste in its deep roasted bitterness. The daughter of the owner named the mild “Nagomachi Blend” after the peaceful atmosphere in the downtown area.Their shop’s concept is “serve coffee from which you can picture the scenery of its birthplace”. The package has a label naming its production area. This aroma-filled drip coffee package is specialty coffee that the owner himself bought from small-scale farms, and roasted at a factory built alongside the café.Regularly featured by TV programs. After wrapping the filling of chicken and seven different vegetables with chicken skin, these Gyoza are dipped into a secret, traditional sauce, then they are oven baked to juicy perfection. Though it is not possible to mass-produce them, they are aiming to vitalize Sumida’s shopping district with this addicting, delicious taste.The Dressing of a Small Café’sat “Shitamachi”[Higashi-mukojima Coffee Ten]One and Only Blended Coffee Beans[Shige’s Coffee]“Now” Café Gift Bag[Macchinesti Coffee]Chicken Gyoza Dumplings[Torisho Kyojima Shop]102105104103

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