Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

17Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus Chanko originating from the tradition of sumo stables features fish balls made from fresh sardines and soup with a blend of 4 different miso pastes. The delicious jellied broth is made from carefully cooked guts and bony fish parts, which are usually otherwise discarded. The dish reflects Japanese people’s eco-friendly spirit known as “mottainai.” A taste of the Edo period has been reproduced in the area where nigirizushi originated. The rice is simply flavored with red vinegar and natural salt. Soba Noodles with the reproduction of the Edo vegetable Terajima eggplants. The Terajima eggplant grown around Higashi-mukojima are famous for their sweetness and softness. Four types bonito stock and soba made from Hokkaido soba powder are also delicious.*Available during the summer.A one-bowl meal with warm rice and fresh tuna. Featuring the restaurant’s special sesame sauce made of roasted sesame paste and flavored with Kagoshima soy sauce.The “Umewaka Legend” was born from the banks of the Sumida River. With its Kishu pickled plums, young bamboo shoot tempura, and Naruto wakame seaweed. No effort is spared to produce delicious and safe food. The feelings of the artisan are contained in the refreshing taste.Tomoegata Chanko[Chanko Tomoegata]Mottainai Dish[Japanese Gohan Mikaduki]Yohee Sushi[Masago Zushi]Terajima Soba Noodles[Kisoba Chouhei]Gomadare Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl)[Kappo Fukui]Umewaka Soba Noodles[Kisoba Chouhei]108111110109107106As a town of gourmet food, Sumida, Tokyo, holds old restaurants while ones that bring new tastes are opening one after another. The “Sumida Modern” certification for local restaurant items started in 2011. Each year we certify Sumida-like original items of nostalgia and novelty.Nostalgic, yet New.Sumida Modern 2011-2015Certified Restaurant Menus

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