Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

Sumida Gallery - 3“Sumidagawa Hanami,” cherry blossom viewing along the Sumida River, Ukiyoe (1902) Areas along the Sumida River (Bokutei) have been famous for beautiful cherry blossoms since the Edo period.Sumida Gallery - 4Sumo Chiyogami (Meiji Period)This paper shows sumo wrestlers. The Ryogoku area in the southern part of Sumida is the sumo town.18Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus The owner husband and wife invented this noodle menu item out of respect for the historic area of “Tamanoi”, and named the noodles “Tamanoi Soba and Udon”. Topped with Naruto wakame seaweed, shredded red pepper, and yuzukosho seasoning. A fried egg shows up when you dig into the pretty decoration. Nowhere else offers noodle dishes like theirs.Kazusaya Restaurant opened shop in 1934, and tuna has long been one of their specialties. Perhaps their popular dish, maguro shogayaki (ginger-fried tuna), is made from the tougher parts of the fish, which can’t be used for sashimi. Owner Mr. Hirayama inherited secret recipes from the old restaurant “Monja Shochiku” when they closed for good. Ten kinds of ingredients are used, including sakura shrimp and agetama crunchy bits. He also successfully revived their multi-vegetable-base sauce. An over 90-year-old residence was renovated to build this atmospheric wine bar.Tempura Bowl is a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried tempura seafood and vegetables. Restaurant Kawara no Abe insists on serving only the best seafood and vegetables, and only when they are at their freshest. Eating makes people beautiful. That concept is fulfilled in this anti-aging bento. Fresh, healthy vegetables are cooked without peeling. You can enjoy eight different daily special side dishes full of fiber, calcium and other essential nutrients. The bento is low calorie and low sodium. Their seasoning, oils and container are all carefully selected. Sandwich green onion, shiso leaf, garlic, and then deep fried. To enjoy its unique refreshing flavor, try them with shredded cabbage or potato salad instead of sauce. Their Japanese-Western restaurant quietly stands in Mukojima Hanamachi.“Tamanoi” Soba and Udon[Kisoba Chouhei]Ginger-Fried Tuna[Shitamachi Kappo Kazusaya]Mukojima Shochiku Special Monja[Wine shop & Bar OSIZU] Riverside Tempura Bowl[Kawara no Abe]Bikatsu Bento[Japanese Gohan Mikaduki]Miso Pork Cutlets[Hisamoto] 117114116113115112

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