Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

19Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus Ketchup rice and hot omelet, with eggs baked in the oven, invoke the feel of downtown. In this space which was renovated out of a pharmacy in 1927, fresh air drifts across like an old classroom.Southern Indian-style curry is served in Japanese retro-modern space, which was renovated from an old wooden apartment. Rasam curry is made of beans and tomatoes, and served with two small dishes and rice.The best tenderloins are deep fried in crispy bread crumbs, and then sandwiched between two pieces of bread along with a homemade demi-glace sauce and finely shredded cabbage. Thick, while maintaining its softness. A long-standing feature store, founded in 1915.The filling pâté is made of fresh meat from a meat shop in Sumida. You can enjoy wine from around the world in the sophisticated atmosphere of a wine bar which was formerly a miso (bean paste) wholesaler.Daegutang is a spicy rice porridge. The red pepper paste which gives it its distinct flavor is made from Aomori garlic and miso from the storehouse. Along with the hotness, the vegetables give it sweetness. This natural flavor includes no additives. Baked Rice Omelet[Koguma]Rasam Curry[SPiCE Cafe]Pork Cutlet Sandwich[Restaurant Hatoya]Filling Pâté[Endo Risaburo Shoten]Daitoen’s Daegutang[Daitoen]124126123125122These top-quality mottled kidney beans from Hokkaido are cooked simply with salt and sugar. Nakamura is a delicatessen offering various home-made vegetable dishes.The firewood adds a nice aroma to the kiln-fired pizza, while the dough is made of simple ingredients: flour, olive oil, salt, yeast, and water. Enjoy a genuine Italian taste at this casual Italian bar.Nakamura’s Uzuramame[Tezukuri Sozai Nakamura]Pizza Margherita[Bar Trattoria Tomtom]120119A special cutting technique named “Dabintyo” makes the sinewy parts of meat tender and delicious. Enjoy large steaks at reasonable prices here. Dabintyo Cut Steak 260g[Restaurant Katayama]121This filling hot salad is mainly made of pumpkin, lotus root, carrots and other root vegetables. The restaurant serves seasonal vegetables and fish in a well-balanced way. Hot Vegetable Salad[Waso Shunsai Ikkenme]118

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