Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

21Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus Although they hold on to the fundamental elements of the standard recipe, like thick noodles and sautéed onions, Yanagishima Café’s new twist on Spaghetti Neapolitan exchanges the dish’s traditional sweet flavor for those of pork and dried mushrooms. Its tender flavor attracts not only ethnic food lovers, but also beginners who are trying this exotic food for the first time. This warm and friendly café is a renovated folk dwelling that was built more than 40 years ago. You can choose from 3 flavors: soy sauce, curry, or cheese okaka soy sauce. These different rice fillings give you an exciting selection. Ketchup drawings on the top make the dish even more enjoyable. The Owner Ms. Kato publishes “Nekomichi map”, a walking guide with local shop information.Superb potato salad flavored with spices and anchovy, instead of mayonnaise. Dressing from Higashi-mukojima Coffee Ten is used as a secret ingredient. The salad goes with all kinds of imported craft beers they serve. Its cake-like appearance is popular with women.Baked Spaghetti Neapolitan[Yanagishima Café]Nasi Goreng[cafe POKAPOKA]“Nekomichi” Omelette Rice[Smile Kitchen]Nekoroku’s Potato Salad[Spice Bar Nekoroku]130133129128Tempeh, a patty of fermented soy beans, originates from Indonesia and is loved by foodies worldwide. SASAYA CAFE serves tempeh cutlet-style with rice or curry and flavorful greens from select farms. This plate will satisfy also non-vegans.Tempeh Cutlet Rice[Vegan and Organic SASAYA CAFE]127Crispy outside, yet soft and light inside. The buns baked at a specialized bakery and homemade smoked chicken make a great match. Six different sandwich rolls are available, which each kind having its own fans. Customers come back for the unforgettable tastes.The owner committed himself not to open his rice porridge shop until exceeding the taste of Hong Kong authentic rice porridge. The owner’s extraordinary passion completes his rice porridge, which is cooked with tender care for over four hours every single day. Spinach loaded POPEYE is much more popular than common chicken or century egg flavors. Special Coppe SandHomemade Smoked Chicken[Yanagishima Café]POPEYE[CAYU des ROIS]131132This is a non-sweet chiffon cake made with salami, cheese, potato, and onion. At this café, various healthy items made with soymilk, rice bran, and various seasonal vegetables are available. Savory Chiffon Cakes[Smile Kitchen]134

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