Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

23Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus Home-made creamy caramel, slowly cooked in a saucepan by hand with care. You will enjoy its melty, soft texture while sweet, rich flavor spreads in your mouth. They modernized Showa’s nostalgic caramel taste everyone loved, to match a taste of a younger generation.Ramune soda, which fits the atmosphere of the shitamachi of old Tokyo, and City Cocktail, made from cherry liqueur with the image of the Sumida River, are available in 43 shops and bars in Sumida.“Nama” Caramels(Home-made Creamy Caramels)[Shige’s Coffee]Tokyo Skytree® Cocktails[BAR Bee]141143“Coffee Nomikurabe” is a sampler set of your own selection, or you can also leave the choice to the owner. Their iced coffee is brewed to order, which gives it a richer aroma. Each menu item is carefully brewed daily by the owner with artisan pride.Shinryokudo, located in the foodie town of Mukojima, is a specialty shop which strictly pursues the taste of the traditional Japanese sweet “anmitsu”. One of the ingredients, agar, is extracted directly out of the plants. They take the time to carefully strain boiled red beans. The black syrup is boiled down for its excellent aroma. Also available for take-out.The fresh Juice shop KADO is a café that is more than fifty years old in Mukojima district, home to many luxury Japanese-style Restaurants. Popular fresh juice is made from seven vegetables and fruits including aloe and celery.“Romano” is a coffee with an extra-fine combination of espresso and lemon flavor, which is uncommon in Japan. “Wet Cappuccino” is espresso based, and made with generous amounts of steam-heated milk. This house-roasted coffee shop offers you a touch of authentic espresso culture. An (bean paste) and milk are mixed into a shake, and topped on ice cream. This is a popular drink from a small but relaxing bar side café, just like and old tea shop with people overlooking the river.The temperature of the roasting beans is checked every minute to ensure the character of the beans. This kind of detailed process produces a fragrance and shine of gems. The use of Edo Kiriko cups adds to the feel of craftsmanship, for a truly high-class cup of coffee.Coffee Nomikurabe / Iced Coffee[Shige’s Coffee]Anmitsu[ANMITSU NO SHINRYOKUDO]Fresh Juice [Seasonal fresh juice and walnut bread KADO]Romano / Wet Cappuccino[Macchinesti Coffee]“An” au Lait[café de Eisuian]Sumida Blended Coffee[Sumida Coffee]146148145147142144

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