Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

4Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsLight, comfortable chairs made by artisans that cherish Paulownia. Can be carried in one hand, and the seat is round, so it is very comfortable. The joints make use of the traditional technique of dovetailing. A growing number of people in Japan want to carry their own chopsticks to avoid using disposable ones at restaurants. These joint-type pocketable chopsticks have magnets attached to the polygonal sections of each part, where the two pieces perfectly join to make one beautiful pair. This is a trick folding screen which mysteriously shows a different picture each time it is opened. Figure out the mystery as you assemble the kit. You can enjoy four works by Hokusai, or can display your own original pictures or photos.Ear picks made with the advanced craftsmanship handed down over three generations. Because the tortoiseshell is a protein, it is soft to the skin. The rounded spoon part is crafted by hand, and it has a long handle for easy use. See the beauty of Edo in the reddish-yellow of the shell pattern.Otomobako is a modern version of inro, or a portable medicine case. Without using any nails, the maker has hollowed out a single piece of rectangular timber to make a small pocket container with the beautiful texture and grains of wood. A lacquer with a name derived from the Japanese for “loveliness”, acclaimed around the world as “japanese”. These Japanese coasters show depictions of Sumida images such as the form of the tower and the flowing river. Since they are coated in lacquer, they are strong against water and can be used over and over again.A small stool for sitting up straight, crafted from wood with joinery techniques that don’t require nails. Fold the legs and it is easy to carry. Displaying the exquisite skills of young artisans that cherish Edo techniques. Finished with modern taste, with materials from the cherry tree.Koume Bina is a truly unique doll that uses old kimono cloth from the Edo, Meiji and Taisho periods, known as kodaifu. The maker was founded 170 years ago and produces small dolls with traditional techniques that fully show the delicate beauty of patterns and texture peculiar to old kimono.A brush for removing static electricity, which can so easily damage electronics. Each strand of anti-static fiber is applied by hand, and a steel plate is included for discharge. The traditional techniques of three gererations meeting the needs of today.Paulownia Chairs[Futabakirikobo Co., Ltd.]Edo Pocketable Chopsticks[Daikokuya Co., Ltd.]Create-your-own Trick Byoubu Kit[Kataoka Byoubu Co., Ltd.]Bekko Earpick[Isogai Bekko Co., Ltd.]Otomobako[Sashimono Masuda]“Urushi Modern” Japanese Paper Coasters[Shikko ATAKA]Aibiki Stool[Sashimono Masuda]Edo Kimekomi Ningyo “Koume Bina”[Tsukada Kobo]Uno’s Static-free Brushes[UNO BRUSH]129151413871110

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