Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

Sumida Gallery - 1Textile factory label (Meiji period/1900s to 10s)Many knit fabric factories are still in the southern part of Sumida.6Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsKazari Workshop Shiozawa carries on the traditional metal ornament craft skill used for such as mikoshi portable shrines. The earrings’ Japanese traditional patterns were selected from over 1500 chisel designs (pattern molds for metals). They give a new life into long inherited craftsmanship and Japanese ancient art. The soft touch of goat hair, horse mane and tails. Our skin is natural, so something natural should be used for washing it. Body brushes by Mr.Uno seem to be if they were breathing slowly and deeply. These body brushes give your skin deep relaxation. kazari earrings basic[Shiozawa Seisakujo Co., Ltd.]Body Brushes[UNO BRUSH]2423In the 1950’s, “Iro-marukubi”, the first Japanese-made T-shirt, was produced in this factory. Now the “Iro-marukubi” is reproduced by skilled artisan, using newly developed fabric. The T-shirts feature a texture that cries out for you to touch it forever.Iro-marukubi "Color Crew Neck" made by Kume Co., Ltd.[Kume Co., Ltd.]27These swimsuits made for school gym classes make swimming more enjoyable. The material extends both ways and fits wearers’ bodies comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose. The swimsuits also feel light in water and since they dry quickly, there is less of a feeling of cold. They also dry quickly after washing.Smile Swimsuits Series[Footmark Co., Ltd.]28The maker that boasts the top market share in Japanese-made swimming caps has responded to users’ complaints of swimming caps that are too tight and disrupt their hairdos. The use of highly elastic pleated material enhances the feeling of comfort.Yuttari Swimming Cap Series[Footmark Co., Ltd.]29These light weight Paulownia items are made to help the senior’s daily life. This stylish chair and table set is almost half the weight of common wood materials. The chair surface is darkened with jidai finishing, which slightly burns the wood for deep color, then is assembled by the Traditional Tenon processing method. They offer physical functionality and provide calming relaxation.Light Paulownia Chairs and Tables[Tanaka Inc.]25We want to show Japanese ancient craftsmanship to foreign visitors, too. Their desires created this kimekomi smartphone holder of beautiful colored Japanese fabric. Kimekomi is a traditional doll making method. The shape was designed based on an old scenic image of viewing Mt. Fuji from the bank of the Sumida River.Smartphone Holders[Tsukada Kobo]26Hyogu is a traditional papering technique for walls, sliding doors, folding screens and hanging scrolls, using pieces of Japanese cloths and papers. Each of the card cases made of hagire, pieces of hyogu leftovers conceals various shukou (particularly unique in Japanese traditional way) stories based on histories such as temples, Sado, Kabuki and Sumo. “Shukou-gire” Card Cases[Maekawa Hyogu]22

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