Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

7Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsPaintings by Katsushika Hokusai have been vividly recreated in this stationery, which features smooth material and light pigskin from Sumida. The series is also eco-friendly, as the pigskin is tanned with natural materials, and waste water and products are disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Soft and light. To optimally exploit this quality of pigskin, the material has been crumpled until it gains the texture of washi, or traditional Japanese paper. Items in this series, such as bags and room shoes, are designed simply to make full use of the material’s texture. Hokusai Stationary Series[Sakura]Oeuf [Kojiro Co., Ltd.]3130IKIJI is a Sumida-born apparel brand inheriting the monozukuri (craftsmanship) spirit from the Edo period in Japan. Our logo is inspired by “Tsurano-kawaume” (plum face design) by Santo Kyoden (a Japanese poet and designer in the Edo period). Our designs are featuring “iware-patterns” that express Edo’s playful mind that is full of wit.Furoshiki is a piece of cloth used to wrap and carry things and a traditional eco bag of which Japan can be globally proud. Normally furoshiki is made of fabric, but this maker uses leather. The high-quality article has added new appeal, such as gloss, colors and texture, to the traditional Japanese culture of wrapping.These wallets and card holders have side gussets that extend accordion-like, making it easy to insert and remove business cards or bills. The folding gussets are a unique Japanese technique. The products use leather that meets the safety criteria of the Oeco-Tex Standard 100. IKIJI - Polo Shirts, Parkas, and Vests -[Polo Shirts: Seiko Corporation / Parkas,Vests: Teruta Design Lab Co., Ltd.]Leather Furoshiki[Ninomiya Gorow Shoten Co., Ltd.]343332SPIDER is made by sewing 38 pieces of leather taken from the neck and belly parts, which are not usually used. We are proud that we have used only the Goodyear welt process, and have engaged in economic activities that are friendly to the environment. SPIDER [HIROKAWA SHOES CO.]35Footmark is the company that trademarked the word kaigo (nursing care).Footmark designed eating aprons that may be used on top of a variety of different clothes with their wish to encourage people who need nursing care to go outside for fun. Although it resembles an ordinary shirt, its material is actually soft-knit fabric. The cutting technique “Dotai saidan”, based on analysis of skin movements, and achieved ultimate wear comfort in the process. One feature of the product is that its hem doesn’t rise much when the arms are raised.Ukiuki Shirt Aprons[Footmark Co., Ltd.]INDUSTYLE TOKYO Dress Shirts[Maruwa Textile Industries Co., Ltd.]3736An Award Jacket which adults will want to wear again and again. A beautiful item from a factory that receives many orders for its leather wear from famous brands. Its feature is its linear silhouette. Including advanced technologies developed for cutting, sewing, and every stage of the manufacturing process.The Award Jacket[MAKIGAMI Co., Ltd.]38Fukin Machi Series(Oeco-Tex Standard 100)[Ninomiya Gorow Shoten Co., Ltd.]

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