Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

8Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified ProductsThese paper craft kits allow you to create 13 different insects, such as a mantis, stag beetle and butterfly, using special fiber craft paper that softens when wet and regains its original stiffness when dry. You can beautifully reproduce joints and other insect body parts in detail, without using scissors or adhesives. Handkerchiefs with bold octagonal patterns and gangimon crests used in short coats or kimonos. Through repeated test dyeing, it has been possible to create the natural, soft, and ancient colors of silver smoked bamboo and pale blue.The first soap bars in Sumida were produced in the Meiji period. Matsuyama maintains the “kamadaki (pot heating) method” technique and its tradition since then. Our kamadaki soap, including mutenka (non-additive) soap, is favored by many customers. The product of a scrap project aimed at young managers in the manufacturing sector. The body is a spool core from a knitting factory. With haizai (factory waste materials) such as leather and metals, its look has a beautiful pattern.The memo block looks simple but has a special presence all of its own. The smooth cut surface created with a superb bookbinding technique is beautiful, and its simple design stirs users’ imagination. Writing is smooth since high-quality paper is used.Paper Craft Series[Furukawa Co., Ltd.]“MONYOU” handkerchiefs[Ishiyama Senko Co., Ltd.]M-mark Series[Matsuyama Co., Ltd.]Haizai Kaleidoscopes[Haizai Project General Incorporated]Memo Blocks[Ito Bindery Co., Ltd.]4043423941These project papers have been favored by Japanese creators as the must-have items for planning paper for three decades. The products use high-quality paper, bleached without chlorine to be eco-friendly, to realize a better writing feel.Project Paper[Okina Co., Ltd.]44This product came from the maker’s wish to tell the world how wonderful it is to create a crane from a single piece of paper. The high-quality paper, with monotone patterns of circles and straight lines, would look beautiful as an interior decoration. How about bringing home a piece of Japan’s origami culture? Marble-patterned paper is familiar to most people in Japan as a back lining for slips or memo pads. The paper now takes on new luster as a material for letter paper or gift envelopes that are sure to arouse feelings of nostalgia. These products make you feel enriched when you see and touch them.ORIGAMI FOR CRANES[NACAMURA inc.]Marble-patterned Paper Series[Furukawa Co., Ltd.]4645Balloon volleyball is quickly becoming a popular sport worldwide that is enjoyed by people of all ages from children to adults. The workers at this specialized balloon factory developed these balloons to be equipped with high durability, precision, and a nearly spherical shape. Fusen Volleyball Balloon[Marusa Saito Gom Co., Ltd.]47

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