Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

Sumida Encyclopedia of Manufacturing [3][Sweets] In Sumida, where there were always a lot of tourists from old Edo, sweets were a favorite souvenir. Cafes with their delicious homemade cakes are particularly popular.[Drinks] In the Meiji era, as food became Westernized, the production of beers, sodas and ciders began in earnest.[Japanese Food] There are many long-standing stores which have maintained traditional flavors. There are also an increasing number of taverns and Soba restaurants which offer new and creative favors.[Western Foods] A number of long-standing Western-style restaurants also dot Sumida, and have been much loved by writers and artists. New restaurants also offer a warm and nostalgic feel.Images courtesy of Sumida Midori LibraryDumpling shop along the Sumida River (early Meiji era)22Sumida Modern 2011-2015 Certified Restaurant Menus The milk ice cream contains Japanese rice crackers with salt, soy and white soy flavors. The sweetness of the ice cream and the savory aroma of the crackers will spread throughout your mouth. Anmitsu is a Japanese confection consisting of bean jam and pieces of fruit served in syrup. Koguma Café serves its anmitsu sealed in a glass-like Japanese gelatin. Both the brown sugar syrup and the bean jam are homemade. A mix of cream cheese, yogurt and whipped cream, in exquisite proportions. The base and seasonal fruit sauce are made from handmade. Perfect with the carefully brewed coffee. This is a warm coffee shop which feels just like the old town.Aromatic cheesecake with house-roasted specialty coffee. Its rich, smooth texture is surely addictive. Despite the petit size of their shop, Sumida Coffee is attracting more customers, even from afar.Riz au lait is a French dessert made from rice boiled in milk. This unique Sumida version of this French confection is the combined creation of three different groups of artisans. Osenbei Ice Cream[Ryogoku Kokugido]Anmitsu Ball[Koguma] Fresh Cheesecake[Higashi-mukojima Coffee Ten]Mokha Cheesecake[Sumida Coffee]Riz Au Lait of Japanese Green Tea[Higashi-mukojima Coffee Ten]138140139137136

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