Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

Sumida Modern products can be purchased at “Sumida City Point”. “Sumida City Point” is an antenna shop for products, culture, history, tourism and restaurant information about Sumida. You can purchase Sumida Modern certified products, limited products from Sumida, and also Tokyo Sky Tree related products. There are a number of walking courses around the city, featuring history and literature. Get clear information on attractive spots around Sumida.Sumida City Point Tokyo Solamachi® East Yard 5F, Tokyo Skytree Town®1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo Tel:+81-3-6796-6341 http://www.machidokoro.comDirectly connected to Tokyo Skytree Sta. of Tobu Skytree LineDirectly connected to Oshiage Sta. of Asakusa / Keisei Oshiage LinesDirectly connected to Oshiage Sta. of Tobu Skytree / Hanzomon LinesMeiji-doriArakawa RSuijin-ohashi Br.Shirahige-bashi Br.Kototoi-bashi Br.Azuma-bashi Br.Sumida RiverSakura-bashi Br.Kuramae-bashi Br.Ryogoku-bashi Br.Kasuga-doriKuramaebashi-doriAsakusa-doriToei Asakusa LineMitsume-doriYotsume-doriNat’l Route No.14 (Keiyo-doro )Mito KaidoSumida City PointJR Sobu LineToei Shinjuku LineToei Oedo LineTokyo Metro Hanzomon LineKeisei Oshiage LiTobu Kameido LineShuto Expwy No.7Komagata-bashi Br.Umaya-bashi Br.Morishita Sta.Ryogoku Sta.Ryogoku Sta.Kinshicho Sta.Kikukawa Sta.Sumiyoshi Sta.Honjo-azumabashi Sta.Tokyo Skytree Sta.Oshiage Sta.OmuraiKeisei Hikifune Sta.Higashi-mukojima Sta.Kanegafuchi Sta.Hikifune Sta.Sumidagawa RiverShuto Expwy No.6Tobu Skytree Line1324 Sumida City PointTOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi 5th floor, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo Tel +81-3-6796-6341● Open every day   Information counter 10am-6pm (Router rental 10am-5:30pm)  Shop 10am-9pm Café 10am-6:30pmFREE Wi-Fi SPOTSouvenir ShopMOBILE Wi-Fi router free rental Ryogoku Tourist Information Center 1-3-20 Yokoami, Sumida City, Tokyo Tel +81-3-3631-0028* It will relocate to above address at the end of November 2016.● April – September 10am-6pm October – March 10am-5pm  Closed on Mondays (Open in the case of National Holiday falling   on the day. Close following weekday) and New Year HolidaySumida Tourist Information CenterServices available in different languages. Azumabashi Tourist Information CenterSumida City Office 2nd floor,1-23-20 Azumabashi, Sumida City, Tokyo Tel +81-3-6658-8097 ● Open every day Information counter 9am-5pm Cafe 11am-4:30pm, 5pm-8pm Edo-Tokyo Museum Sumida Corner1st floor of the Edo-Tokyo Museum, 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida City, Tokyo Tel +81-3-3626-0721● 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm  Closed on Mondays except during the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament  (Open when a national holiday or its substitute falls on a Monday,  and is closed on the following day)  4321Sumida City PointRyogoku Tourist Information CenterAzumabashi Tourist Information CenterEdo-Tokyo museum Sumida Corner24Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified Products and Restaurant Menus

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