Sumida Modern Certified Products and Restaurant Menus 2010-2015

Sumida Gallery - 2Ironworks (Around 1911)These ironworks produced automobiles as a subcontractor of a truck maker.9Sumida Modern 2010-2015 Certified Products“Matomaru kun” is an eraser whose fragments do not scatter. Long a bestseller that first went on sale more than 30 years ago. Japan has a unique eraser culture. The current trend is creating cute stamps from erasers. From Japan’s only hand-made balloon factory comes these uniquely-shaped novelty balloons that are perfect for gifts and collections. This series also includes transparent balloons, two-color balloons, and magical color-changing balloons.Matomaru-kun Erasers[Hinodewashi Co., Ltd.]Marusa Balloon Series[Marusa Saito Gom Co., Ltd.]4948Japanese skilled artisans make umbrellas by introducing traditional designs. The umbrellas are light, despite having many ribs that make them stronger. They also feature a two-stage opening system, allowing users to half-open their umbrellas in crowded places, in Edo-period etiquette known as “Edo-shigusa.”Bonsai lovers exist worldwide. Copper Joro (watering pots) are the fruit of efforts seeking the ideal watering solution for delicate bonsai plants. Made from copper, which has a disinfectant effect, they feature long noses and small holes at the end, enabling delicately controlled water sprinkling. The soy sauce pot is a long seller, with 60 thousand bottles produced over the last 60 years. These newly developed dripless types have become a big hit! Appealing with a gentle form that expresses the warmth of Japanese design. Tokyo Shokunin[EBI Co., Ltd.]Copper Joro[Negishi Sangyo Co., Ltd.]Edomae Surikuchi Soy Sauce Pots[Iwasawa Glass Co., Ltd.]525150The antique colored glass soy sauce pots are made by a glass maker founded more than a century ago. The pots also have seasonal flowers engraved by craftsmen’s hands. When the pots are filled with soy sauce, beautiful flowers appear on the yellowish glass. Edo Glass Soy Sauce Pots[Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.]53Edo Kiriko is Japan’s unique glass cutting technique developed during the Edo period. The maker decided on the colors with inspiration from “The Red and the Black” by Stendhal. The products feature modern designs based on traditional patterns of Ichimatsu-mon, Rokkaku Kagome-mon, and Kikko-mon.Edo Kiriko “Iki and Waza” Series[Hirota Glass Craft Co., Ltd.]54Based on traditional technique for Japanese swords, the maker, founded in 1866, makes Japanese-style and Western-style kitchen knives, using easy-to-maintain material. Masamoto’s Japanese-style and Western-style Kitchen Knives[Masamoto Sohonten Co., Ltd.]55

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